Become a real UX hero

A comprehensive 2 day UX workshop with hands-on experience

Friday, 21st July : 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Saturday, 22nd July : 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

@ 99XT Conference Hall
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Basic Essence of UX

We'll start off with the basics and explore the core building blocks of UX.

The audience will not just have to listen and take down notes but will have to get actively involved in meeting these deliverables in real-time, including real user interviews and user tests.

UX in Practice

Ok now you know the basics but do you know how to apply them to your project work?

Know how to select the right UX processes for your project, convincing everybody and ensuring success in your deliverables

You will learn how to overcome many practical challenges that arise when doing UX in a project.

UX as a Career

UX was quite the buzzword a few years ago and many companies renamed their UI people to UXers.

But do you really know how to build your career as a real UX hero?

You will understand what skills you need to have as a good UXer, how to acquire them, truly master them and become a hero.

Please note that no Photoshop, HTML, CSS or Javascript lessons included. It's just UX. Be ready to get your hands dirty because this workshop’s going to have a lot of pure UX exercises.


Dear UI/UX people in the software industry

Targeting primarily industry UI/UX people who have little, unstructured or zero knowledge in UX. We want to address the problems you face on a day-to-day basis and help you become a real UX hero.

Dear UX lovers

We warmly welcome anybody who wants to solve the mystery of UX and deliver killer UX in their product.





99X Technology conference hall,
4th Floor, Srimal interiors building. Colombo 00300, Srilanka
(top of Subway Kollupitiya)
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